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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

( Hideout @ 1:10 PM )

Okay if you know bedok, especially bedok north well enough, you would have heard about this place known as 85? Have have? Beside 85 theres a boardgames shop known as HIDEOUT. Its a damn nice place to chill and have fun playing board games. Boardgames are not Bored games. okay wth am i talking about now...ANYWAY, its is pretty reasonable..For a package of 4 that includes 4 drinks 3 tidbits baskets and 2 hour of game play for around 40+ i think is pretty reasonable as compared to go clubbing? Personally went there quite a couple of times with different groups of people. Let me shupt up and let the pictures do the talking.

Going in a clockwise manner, starting from the guy wearing yellow shorts, thats Lloyd followed by Jerms, Kai Wei, Yu Xin (apparently you cant really see her), Wen Xin and last but not least Candy! It was a battle of the sexes....They guys obviously teamed up and we won the sisters. Duh! Then we also played a game known as UGLY DOLL. When you are fighting for the posession of the card that you want with others, the person who says UGLY 3 times the quickest gets the card. IT sounds boring but its really FUN. You must experience it yourself!

Few days ago went again but this time without sisters but with an additional brother Ellis. Okay played this game known as PASS THE BOMB. We are supposed to form words with the given letters on the card drawn. For example, you took a card that says ' le' so you have to form a word such as 'jiggle' 'mingle' and stuff within a certain time. Once the time is up, loser have to wear this....

Cool shit! i must jio yaq they all~


Thursday, March 27, 2008

( A Much ANTICIPATED Entry! @ 12:30 PM )

Hello everybody, rom is bringing sexy ankle back in town yo! Many FANS( yaq, sheena, mayo, fats) have been complaining about visiting their idol blog but to their dismay only get to view-' Ir has been a sweeping....' Thus, to satisfy their desire and lust towards rom's blog, the REVIVAL of rom's blog starts today...

Okay, some may ask what have been rom doing?(I hope someone did ask?) Well, lets start from....Yes Chinese New Year. Everyone was happy collecting Hong Pao, gambling and whatever nonsense(dota), My family and I was at Phillippines having a one week vacation. It was rather intresting (well no pics to upload as i dunno where my bro upload it to), just to highlight a few, I lost my VIRGINITY for Para-skiing( you know where one boat drags you while you are in the air and suck thumb?) FREAKING AWESOME!! The feeling of high up in the sky is like....sitting on top of Ms Lai's head? but after some time, you feel like peeing down(wth wrong with me?)..

Went to a local Club known as Sunflower with who? guess? comeon make a guess? WITH MY PARENTS!!! haha the most embarassing thing ever..Not that i am a pro dancer or anything but my mum dances like a community dancer MUHAHAHAHA.. k thats all for phillippines...

So back in SG, what have i been doing?Hmmm okay met with with Family(my secondary school closest group of friends) went to Clarke Quay and dinned at Hooters(not breast) yah, wasnt that fantastic afterall..The ang mohs were like high started screaming and stuff..Here are a few pics..

Thats my twin bro.Kenneth Yee.(his favourite colour) Sorry girls, he's currently unavailable and is too busy spending time with his precious girlfriend. Ask him go back to band he told me he wanna watch korean drama with his new found apple of his eye girlfriend. GAY!!! Some say that we look alike, do we? I shall be modest...I look better MUHAHAHA Is purely a subjective comment.

These 3 girls are Sim Yee( was in the same jc as me), Min Er the chao ah lian who scored so well for o levels and went to poly(not saying poly is bad or wat) and Michelle( the basic face).

Sim Yee is a dancer, cheena dancer hahah she so gonna kill me. Yeah took part in lotsa competition but neva wins...hahahahah! I still rmb went to her house the NIGHT before geog paper 2 to study!

Min Er who is wearing pink or red is the chao ah lian! haha she always damn blur wan lah, will give the blur like sotong face! But shes a damn strong girl, mentally and physically! can carry a tuba that weighs like 10 plus kg or more with one hand(eh how come she can hold tuba even though she wasnt from tuba section?)

Michelle, married to Byron Tee for like the longest time. I think soon having babies. hahah..She got the basic face which means that all our appearances are build on her face..yah thats how i think. A super rich gonna be or already is a Tai-Tai.

Thats my FAMILY! Since i am the eldest, i am Da Ge! followed by Sim Yee(the girl in white) Da Mei followed by.....shit i forgot is kenny(kenneth) or michelle first? anyway Kenny is Xiao Di then Michelle is Er Mei and lastly the chao ah lian Min Er is Xiao Mei cause she damn loser, bdae during december! haha this bunch of pple is damn coool..We've have done lotsa things together in BAND! Like cheerleading and stuff! Love ya my family!

okay i know that my fans are arguing eh wheres the marche blog entry?? soon okay? like 5 months later! haha anyway the above outing took place like January? so i will try to cover up till March very soon. hahah..just a sneak preview for Marche


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

( Nostalgia? @ 8:39 PM )

It has been a sweeping one and a half years in Mj and at the very moment its the very last day of school life? Reminiscing bout the past makes one( particularly me!!) wonders what he or she had done with regards to study! For me, the studying part was in oblivion till recently it surfaced my mind and many others out there. Many wish that they could turn back time, BUT do they really want to go back in time? Worrying about PROMOTING, PW stuffs and other types of problem does answer the question.( i am taking a pessimistic stand for once!) Nonetheless, there were the good times spending QUALITY(is playing tai dee, drawing graffiti on lecture notes, taking lame pictures considered?) time with your good friends do bring back memorable memories.

Life has to move on and so I have to move on as well. Theres no point thinking something of the past but realistically, think sumthing of the future! The daunting A levels!!! It is a nationwide epidemic, DEFINITELY more contagious than SARS! Everywhere you go, Starbucks, Library, Airport etc, any place where there are tables and aircons, you will certainly spot JC students. I wouldnt call them mugger as HELLO? A LEVELS IN 2 Wks? Well, if by stereotype as a mugger with no life for the moment in exchange for the good grades, why not? Thus, Fret not be called a mugger, br proud and say it with much confident, I AM A MUGGER! SO WHAT?( Tyra this is for you!!!! i support your campaign!!! Himbo to the max! WOO)

Fellow friends and peers who have accompanied and stayed with me till now, THANK YOU and I pray the our friendship doesnt end at the end of A levels. Its just 2 more weeks and soon it will be over!!! Lets work hard for this last lap of the race! KAMBATEH!


Sunday, September 30, 2007

( Food and hair? @ 4:51 PM )

Just ate sakae with my friends and the bill amount to like $139? luckily yoshua, my church friend could get 10% discount so it was like $120..Anyway there were 6 people sharing so i think still quite okay? Its a blessing to be able to eat! Just to let anyone know, i always like to have a buffet meal with LLOYD and KAI WEI, my church buddies before examinations. 'Why' you may ask, answer is simple, its helps to improve your grades. SERIOUSLY, i am not joking!!! During mid years i subpass econs which was like 'WHOA!' then this time math i subpass so...However, condition applies. It does not work for everyone! haha...

Had a really good chat with Cheung Guan, Mjc alumini, current church friend about how he handled A levels. It was quite a motivating session despite we didnt discuss much. But it just give you the motivation to work harder and stuff. Its quite a contradiction, why am i even blogging??? haha..

Talking about hair, i think my life is lacking some spice. Therefore, i intend to derive this spice from cutting my hair. BOTAK a.k.a army hairstyle here i come! I just suddenly have this feeling to cut or shave my hair and i am really going to do it. When i was at the auntie shop( I let you lick ...) that i used to go when i was in primary sch, she was busy attending 2 other person, so i am going b like soon. wish me all the luck!

For my friends who are undergoing the a levels disease, all the best and work hard and smart!


Friday, September 28, 2007

( Prelims @ 6:26 PM )

‘It’s NOT over!’ by Chris totally describe the situation I am in now. Even though during the preparation week or the examination I was hoping that prelims could hurry be over, now I kind of afraid that A’s are coming. The thought that in one month’s time I will be taking my life-deciding exams before admission into the army is horrific. The reason why I afraid of THE DAY is…

General Papers: D
H1 Chem : D
H2 Geography : S (paper 1)
H2 Math : S
H2 Econs : U

Given such a result for prelims, isn’t it worrying? But I must admit that the results may seem sucky (IT IS SUCKY), I did improve! Particularly Math! For the first time in coming to 2 years in MJC, I’ve got an S( all along I have an ass anyway)! Never in my life have I dreamed that I would get a sub pass. Well econs was disappointing, I expected myself to do well in economics but yet this is happening. Well…..Overall, I am still rather pleased with my results considering I studied Chem like 1 day b4, Physical geog within 2 days(I wonder how I managed to do so)...Yup but I do understand that I will not be so blessed the next time but its definitely spur me on slightly to MUG.

I will work smart, I am going to work smart, I MUST WORK SMART!


Saturday, September 8, 2007

( Cool gadget @ 1:26 PM )

Do you know whats the function of this gadget? Initially, i thought it was some thumbdrive of some sort but its actually a Internet Modemn! Damn it its so damn cool can? so anywhere you go, you can surf the internet just by plugging this into your laptop! As some may know that my bro uses the comp to play dota( a game that i have introed to him) that leaves me with no chance of playing man! whats up?!?! So, for the past few days, despite my prelims approaching, i have been searching high and low for a laptop so that i can play with my bro and church mates. It may sound abit childish and loser but i seriously dont care! Oh if you didnt know, this gadget is in fact works faster than my broadband at home. Irs HSDPA downlink is 7.2 Mbps while my comp is only 6. sumthing.If you dont't understand wats the use of HsDpa downlink means, just take it take it works faster. I think Starhub should give me an award for advertising its product!!!

Note: Anyone who have a spare laptop please msg me at Romario's hp or you can find me at Mj Hah!

Just a random picture: My bro bought it. Its some MARVEL ZOMBIE


( Teachers' Day @ 1:13 PM )

It has been a long time since i last made an entry so its time to revive this blog man. Have been very 'busy' with studies and stuff that i dont have the time to update so here goes my update session.

Last Friday was Teachers' Day so obviously i had made some gifts for my Odac teachers for their efforts that have been placed in grooming us to what we are today so they really do deserved it. Heres a pic of the final outcome, cool?

As i was doing the gift, i was

mesmerised by this thing called the decadry. As you can see from the above the white wordings came from this decadry. Its really easy to us just have to apply some force on the decadry onto the object you yould like to personalise on, TADA it will be printed on the object!!!! COOL ISNT"T IT? To add on the coolness, i saw Daniel Ong with his Fiancee at the ArtFriends man. Well his not really my idol though.

Thats all for the preparation of teachers' day and the day itself!